Musings by LOLA

Hi, I am the jewelry designer for Charlton and LOLA.

This blog features my inspirations and motivations, which include fashion//art//yoga: things that inspire me personally and creatively.

It is also a space to share my jewelry and the making of it. In sum, it's just a delicious, shiny, sparkly, creative bubble! xo
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B.K.S. Iyengar. Thank you.

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“Admit something.

Everyone you see, you say to them

"Love me."

Of course you do not do this out loud:


Someone would call the cops.

Still, though, think about this,

This great pull in us to connect.

Why not become the one

Who lives with a full moon in each eye

That is always saying,

With that sweet moon


What every other eye in this world

Is dying to



Wow! It’s already been a week! Time flies. #irmaandrodney

Beautiful words.

Beautiful words.